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Last week I volunteered at the Friendship Baptist Center in Des Moines, Iowa.

They held a Vacation Bible School for the inner city kids in the area. Age 4 to 7th grade kids were invited. I think our high for the week was 50 something.

Here are some pictures. These kids were all so cute! Most were Mexican or African American.



Alex and Fernando.

random pics 608

This was a push-up contest that my preschoolers “competed” in. Needless to say, their push-ups were not valid for entry in the competition.

random pics 620

This is Gina.

random pics 623

This is Leila.

random pics 636

Here’s Katherine.

And one more, folks…..


random pics 604



What a fun week!  It was VERY hot each day, though. The kids came and listened to Bible stories, ate snacks, played games, and sang songs.


We fed them lunch, since most of the kids probably had no breakfast.


One day,  we were putting tattoos on the kids’ arms. We asked Fernando if he wanted a tattoo. He told us that he would not get a tattoo because they hurt very badly. We explained that these were tattoos that would come off, they would not hurt. He insisted that he would not get a tattoo because they hurt too much. I looked over at one of the Directors, and she said “He knows… They all know!”


Another story:  Fernando didn’t come on the last day of VBS, so we asked Fernando’s brother, Hosea, if he was coming.  Most of the kids are still working on their English. Hosea replied, “Fernando’s sick. He got puked.”  :)


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