The Socks

I finished the socks. One of these is the sock that couldn’t get it’s stitch count right.  Wretched sock.




The Details:

Pattern-  “Swirley-O Socks” from The Knitter’s Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes

Yarn-  Misti Alpaca handpainted sock yarn

Colorway-  HS03, Birds in Paradise  

Needles- Bamboo, size 2

Start Date to Finish Date-  Never Mind


March 22, 2009 at 3:10 pm 3 comments


This is what happens when you can’t find the King.



The poor Chapstick looks a little forlorn.


Out of place, maybe?

March 6, 2009 at 10:45 am 2 comments

A Letter to my Sock

Dear sock-in-progress,


If you will allow, I would like to ask you some questions that will hopefully clear some things up for me. Thank you for your cooperation. Here I go.


I was wondering how it is possible that on one lovely afternoon, I was happily knitting all of your 54 stitches. I then, for some odd reason, decide to count you, only to find out that you have misplaced a stitch.  After checking for dropped stitches and finding none, I now have only 53 stitches.


You can understand how I felt. Knowing that you would choose to frustrate me, on purpose, by “losing” a stitch, is a very distressing thing. I will have you know that I will find that stitch.


Back to the letter. Being frustrated, of course, I decide to put you down and go about my business.  I will have you know that I did not touch you until the next afternoon. You can not deny that I did not touch you. So there.


Now for the question. How is it that when I counted you the next afternoon,  after not touching you for almost 24 hours, you had 55 stitches? You know I did not touch you! I didn’t even look at you, after your insulting stitch-misplacing  behavior. How? HOW?


I, deciding not to grind you in my food processor yet, rip you out nearly 3 rows, only to find out you now have 56 stitches. I am thoroughly appalled.


I have chosen not to judge you, therefore, the next time I pick you up, please have yourself under control, and present your stitches to me in a way which makes me want to knit you. The correct number of stitches, which is 54, would also be ideal.


I thank you and hope that you will be kind and thoughtful from now on, you wretched sock.




Your Knitter

February 24, 2009 at 2:53 pm 1 comment

Valentine Cookies

I am all about the cookies, people.

These little lovelies were made on Valentine’s day. I really am slow at getting these things posted. Busy life, people. Busy life.

Anyway, here they are.


                                                             They’re X’s and O’s.   Pure genius.



                                                                                      A  stack of O’s.


                                               I put rolled buttercream on the top.


                                          Here is an X. It kind of broke, a little bit, sorta, so I patched it.


                                                                                    Oh,  dear, Oh, my… oh no.


                                                                                    Wait… whaaaaaa? Oh. Oh my.



                                                                                OH,  MY!  Oh dear. Really. Well.

February 20, 2009 at 3:00 pm 2 comments

President’s Day

February 16, 2009 at 2:55 pm Leave a comment

Stay Off the Sidewalks

I got my official Iowa driver’s permit yesterday! YIKES!!!!

This was the first time I have taken the test. You are only allowed to miss 7.  And exactly 7  I missed.  :)

What have I gotten myself into?????

Oh, dear.



And since we are in the mood for driving, here’s a Disney/Pixar “short film” about Mike’s New Car.



February 11, 2009 at 10:05 am 2 comments

I Made a Little Hat

I made a little hat,

It nearly fits my cat.

I don’t have rhyming down pat,

And that’s that.



I’m sorry.  I will try not to write a poem again.



As a side note:

 I was going to put the hat on my cat ( oh no, I’m rhyming again)  and take a picture to post above. As I walked toward him with the hat and camera in hand, he stood up and promptly ran away. I didn’t think my knitting was that bad.

February 6, 2009 at 12:57 pm 2 comments

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